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The Green Power Talk Forum

Green Power Talk is a friendly place to discuss solar, wind, and microhydro electricity, home energy efficiency, solar hot water systems, space heating and cooling, green building materials and home design, and much, much more.

Scirocco Pictures

Check out Scirocco installation pictures. Also included is a commentary of our Farm Show installation.

Lightning Protection

Scared of lightning? Demystify it! Learn from our lightning protection pages, about lightning and how to protect a wind turbine or other RE installation.


Our business focuses on best-in-class products, both for grid-tie as well as off-grid renewable energy systems. We strive to know each product inside-out, so we can better help you. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you have!


Fronius PV Inverters

Solacity is a distributor for Fronius inverters. All the Fronius inverters are made in Ontario, and qualify for Domestic Content. Standard warranty is 10 years, with 20 year extended warranty available at a competitive price.

Fronius’ inverters are internally divided into one, two, or three independent sections, which are switched on as needed by the solar conditions. They call this the ‘MIX concept’. The effect is that the inverter runs at very high efficiencies even under partial load, and has redundancy in case one of the inverter stages fails (the others just continue running). Did we mention that these inverters are field-servicable?

If you are looking for the highest efficiency and reliability Fronius is your brand!


Silfab PV Modules

Solacity distributes Silfab solar modules at very competitive rates! Silfab is originally from Italy, they now have a fully automated assembly line for PV modules in Mississauga. Poly modules are available at great prices, while mono modules are made to deliver the highest output power in the smallest form factor. 72-cell modules are available as well, they are made on-demand, contact us for the details. If you need larger quantities (200kW and more) ask us for special pricing.


Canadian Solar PV Modules

We distribute Canadian Solar modules at a great price. Ontario-made of course! Both poly and mono are available, as well as a new category, quasy-mono, which  looks a bit like a combination of poly and mono silicon, and combines the lower price of poly with the higher yield of mono. If you need quality modules without the premium price, Canadian Solar is your brand! 

Canadian Solar also offers their A1 modules for even less: These are panels with slight cosmetic blemishes, often no more than some caulk oozing out beyond the rim, that did not pass the stringent quality control standard. They are fully functional mechanically and electrically, flash at full Wattage, and come with full warranty.


Kinetic Solar PV Racking

Kinetic Solar fabricates a variety of great-looking rooftop racking solutions. They specialize in those difficult-to-work-with metal roofs, as well as economic asphalt shingle roof racking. Combine superb quality with a great price and you have a winner! We normally stock their most-requested parts, so there is no lead-time.


HydroVolt battery hydrometer

On the off-grid side, we import HydroVolt battery hydrometers from Compasselect (a Swiss company - though their hydrometers are made in Germany). This is the last hydrometer you will ever buy. Period! Their hydrometers are the easiest one you have ever used; large easy-to-read scale, build-in temperature compensation, shatter-proof durable plastic housing, and unequalled precision. They don't even cost very much. If you have deep-cycle batteries to maintain you deserve a HydroVolt. The gold standard in hydrometers!


KACO New Energy PV Inverters

Solacity is a distributor for KACO inverters. KACO has been manufacturing inverters for over 60 years! Originally from Germany, they now make those inverters in Ontario, to comply with the Domestic Content rules. Their inverters have a reputation of being solid performers with very low failure rates. KACO has a number of products that fill the nice of smaller string inverters (1.5kW and 2.5kW) and smaller central inverters (83kW … 100kW). Warranty is 10 years for the string inverters, 5 years for their central inverters.


Sundanzer DC Refrigerators

Simply the most efficient refrigerators on the planet! Sundanzer makes 12/24 Volt DC fridges in a variety of sizes and types. Some can even run directly on a few PV modules. These are very, very efficient, with ultimate reliability (and that is no sales talk! in 8 years of selling Sundanzer we have only seen a single (1) fridge fail, ever, and that was taken care of promptly under warranty).



Need a custom-made transformer for your project? Single-phase? Three-phase? No problem! We are an official dealer for Marcus Transformer. They make high-quality transformers at a great price, that stand out for their high efficiency and low standby losses. For example, the 7.5kVA isolation transformer that we use for stacking Aurora wind inverters has just 28 Watt of no-load losses. Just let us know what you need, and we will be happy to provide a quote for any size or type of transformer.

If you need renewable energy supplies other than those listed above, just drop us a line. We can supply just about anything you need, and at a great price!

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