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Want To Know More?

The "Solar Living Source Book" by John Scheaffer is a great general overview of renewable energy. Actually, it is not really a book but a catalogue, of the Real Goods company. It has explanatory sections on just about any aspect of renewable living: Wind, solar, hydro, batteries, inverters, construction, even toilets, it is all there!


Knowledge is power!
Understanding the fundamentals of renewable energy in general and wind energy in particular will help you make better decisions about the right solution for your renewable energy case. If you are starting from scratch this will not make you an instant expert, and this should not be seen as a substitute for enlisting the help of an experienced renewable energy consultant or installer. It will help you to better discuss your situation with them though.

The Truth About Small Wind Turbines gives you all the information the turbine manufacturers, and some of the less scrupulous installers, leave out of their glossy brochures. This is a must-read if you are considering a small wind turbine in your backyard.

The Wind Turbine Site Selection section helps you to find the best place to install your wind turbine. How high the tower should be, and what effect obstacles such as trees and houses will have (and how to work around this).

The Wind Economics section leads you through the exercise of determining how much electricity your wind turbine is going to produce and how you can evaluate its economic perspective. Production, cost, and return-on-investment are discussed.

The Electrical Connections section discusses the the various options of using renewable energy sources. Topics such as grid-connected, off-grid, inverters, and charge controllers are explained, with lots of illustrations.

The Lightning Protection section shows how the pros provide almost foolproof lightning protection for wind turbines, communications towers and the like, and what you can do to protect your renewable energy installation from lightning damage.


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