Ginlong Solis

Ginlong Technologies made a name for itself in permanent-magnet alternators and grid-tie inverters for wind energy. Ginlong has since introduced its line of Solis PV inverters, with over 100,000 installations since. The Solis inverters combine the best of what is found in other brands into a single package. They are available in single- as well as three-phase.

What sets Solis inverters apart is their incredible MPPT range of 100 – 500 Volt, making string sizing trivial. Each inverter has dual independent MPPT inputs to deal with multiple roof surfaces, and a very high CEC efficiency of 98%. Couple that with a great price and you have a winner!

Easy Web monitoring is available for a small additional cost, and uses Wifi so no additional wiring is needed. Free real-time data monitoring is available once the hardware is installed, with iPhone and Android apps in addition to the regular Web site.

Solacity is a distributor of Ginlong Solis inverters, and we stock the most popular models. We can also help you design your PV system around a Solis inverter.