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DISCONTINUED: Conext / Schneider XW series ComBox, Web communications box, 865-1058

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The Conex ComBox is a powerful communications and monitoring device for installers and operators of Conext solar systems. It features an integrated web server, enabling graphical displays of a system’s daily, monthly and lifetime energy data to be viewed using a simple web browser or Android™ tablet device.

Installers can change or configure Conext device settings through the user-interface on the ComBox and can receive and respond to email alerts from their system. A user-configurable data logger and integrated FTP server provides the system owner with a powerful analytics tool for data download and analysis.

The Modbu interface on the ComBox links Conext devices with third-party systems through RS-485 or Ethernet ports. For large, multi-cluster systems, the ComBox can be setup in a master-slave configuration.



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