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Fronius Ambient Temperature Sensor


Fronius sensor ambient temperature, 43,0001,1188

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The Ambient Temperature Sensor measures the air temperature for use with the Fronius Sensor Card / Box and the Datamanager. Due to its large temperature range the ambient temperature sensor is suited for measuring outside temperature as well as room temperature.


Technical data
Sensor PT1000
Measuring range -40°C to +180°C
Accuracy ±0.8°C (in the range -40°C to 100°C)
Design Sensor in a cylindrical housing of stainless steel
Dimensions Length 50 mm, Ø 6 mm
Cable 3 m Cu-cable; 2 x 0.5 mm, silicon isolated,
ferrules, UV-resistant
Max. cable length
(distance: Sensor Card/Box – sensor)
20 m

Mounting tip: For this sensor, there is no special mounting construction. The ambient temperature sensor can e.g. simply be placed under the pv-modules.



Mnfr. model


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