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DISCONTINUED: Heliene 72MHD-365, a 365 Watt, 72-cell mono-crystalline PV module, MC4 connectors

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The Heliene 72MHD is a new 72 mono-crystalline cell module that is capable of generating up to 360 Watt of power per just 2 m2 panel achieving up to 19.3% efficiency rate. With output classes ranging from 320 Wp to 365 Wp, the Heliene 72MHD still retains a thickness of only 40 mm and weighs 21 kg. If delivering maximum power per panel is critical to your project’s goals, then the Heliene 72MHD is an excellent choice not only for grid-tie projects, due to its 72-cells these panels can also be used off-grid for charging 24 Volt and 48 Volt battery banks using a regular PWM-type charge controller.

This module is also available as ‘Black-on-Black’, with a black anodized frame and black Tedlar backsheet, for an additional 3 cent per Watt.

These PV modules ship from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.


  • Guaranteed positive power tolerance sorting: -0 … +4.99 Wp
  • Built with thick prismatic glass, which results in higher efficiency, lower reflectivity, and lower dust adherence
  • They feature minimum power dispersion; standardized 1,500 volts insulation, 72 high-yield mono-crystalline cells
  • All mono-crystalline 6” cells, measuring 156 x 156 mm, with three collector buses per cell to increase performance
  • Reduced current collecting temperature which reduces aging, leading to a life expectancy of more than 25 years
  • Stronger and thicker micro-prismatic glass surface for greater energy yield under diffuse sunlight & low-light conditions
  • Manufactured in accordance with international quality standard ISO9001
  • Canadian Made!
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