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DISCONTINUED: HES HES-10, 10 Watt PV module, 36-cell for 12V systems, CE

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HES solar modules with high efficiency crystalline solar cells, offers high charge current at a Voltage suitable for both summer and winter temperatures. The cells are bonded to a special tempered solar glass for watertight integrity and an anodized aluminum frame makes them strong and rugged for all Canadian environments.

This is a 36-cell panel with around 18 Volt output, which is ideal with a PWM controller to reliably charge a 12 Volt battery in all temperatures. Panels may be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation. Compact and rugged, 25 mm thick anodized aluminum frame, 3 meters (10 feet) pigtail power leads.

These are very reliable PV modules: They have 10 year mechanical warranty and 25 year power output warranty to ensure your solar system delivers
power to your load.

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