KACO Blueplanet BP 10.0 TL3 M2

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DISCONTINUED: KACO Blueplanet BP 10.0 TL3 M2 WM OD US39, 10kW, 600V 3-phase AC, PV inverter, Dual-MPPT, AFCI, AC/DC disc.

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Small size, light weight, great features, best value!

With a line-up of 3-phase transformerless units, KACO new energy will be inaugurating the new “blueplanet” solar PV inverter series. Newly designed and constructed from scratch, the blueplanet TL3 fulfil the highest requirements for optimum use in commercial solar power plants.

This inverter offers the convenience of all-in-one features like an integrated AFCI detector, multiple MPPT channels, AC and DC overcurrent protection, and an AC and DC disconnection means with lock-out-tag safety. This new line uses advanced, lightweight materials and improved power density to decrease your installation time by allowing for simple handling procedures in the field. The blueplanet 10.0 TL3 includes SunSpec compliant ModBus TCP interfaces for 3rd party monitoring as well as support for our legacy of KACO new energy branded monitoring interfaces. The 97.5% CEC efficiency rating and ultra-high accuracy MPPT tracking makes this unit the best choice for maximum yield on your projects.


  • 2 MPP Trackers
  • Wide MPP range
  • Five option packages
  • Light weight
  • Tool-less DC/AC conductor terminations
  • Multiple communication options standard – no daughter cards required
  • Several versions specifically designed for use in Canada
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Mnfr. model

Output power

AC Voltage

No. of MPPT

Max. Voltage

MPPT Voltage range


DC disconnect

AC disconnect

Arc-fault (AFCI)

Ground-fault (GFCI)

Temperature range





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