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KACO Blueplanet BP-CB-4-10A

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DISCONTINUED: KACO Blueplanet Combiner Box 4 string 20 Amp, BP-CB-4-10A

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KACO Blueplanet Combiner Box 4 string 20 Amp, BP-CB-4-10A, for 4x 600V DC fuse holders.


  • The most popular combiner in America is now available with the blueplanet inverter series.
  • An included snap in cover makes for a professional looking installation.
  • The enclosure may be mounted to a pole or wall indoors or out.
  • Boxed size is small and the weight is low to minimize shipping and installation costs.
  • Top of the line components ensure long life and safe operation.
  • Over current protection designed specifically to work safely with most PV system designs.
  • NEMA 3R enclosure ensures maximum flexibility for indoor or outdoor installation.
  • Small footprint makes site location easy.



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