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DISCONTINUED: KACO Blueplanet ProLog M Ethernet, BP ProLog M ETH

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The KACO proLOG monitoring system is designed to allow the plant operator to supervise large photovoltaic installations from a PC. The system will log the currents, voltages, temperatures, performance and yield data of each individual inverter and the data of external sensors. KACO proLOG automatically returns a message by e-mail in the event of a deviation from the permissible operating status. The alarm criteria can be set individually according to the specific requirements of your PV installation. Recorded system data can be stored online and made available in a password-protected form via the KACO blueplanet web server.


  • Local monitoring – direct access from a PC or laptop and download capabilities via integrated Ethernet connection and Compact Flash slot
  • Remote monitoring and graphical display of performance data
  • Optional energy meter, irradiation sensor, temperature sensor and current sensor can be connected
  • Connection of up to 32 KACO inverters per KACO proLOG via RS485 interface
  • The KACO proLOG includes 4 LEDs and an LCD display
  • Display of all data logged by the inverter includes: generator: power, voltage, current; feed in: voltage, current, and device temperature)
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