MidNite Solar MNEDCRT


MidNite Solar MNEDCRT, 175A & 250A 125 VDC. remote trip breaker for use with a battery disconnect module ( MNBDM-24 or MNBDM-48 ) and the rapid shutdown system,

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The DC-rated breakers from MidNite are the go-to choice for solar PV, wind, and battery systems. Anywhere DC breakers are required.

MidNite’s 175, and 250 Amp breakers are ideal as overcurrent protection for inverters, and as a means to switch an entire off-grid system on and off. Their current ratings are such that they can switch even large inverters. MidNite’s breakers are rated to break the full rated load at the rated voltage repeatedly, with NO DAMAGE. Always use a properly sized breaker for disconnecting.

Midnite’s MNEDC-RT shunt trip breakers are designed to work with the Birdhouse rapid shutdown system. When installing rapid shutdown in a battery-based system the inverter main DC disconnects need to be replaced with Midnite shunt trip breakers which are controlled by a battery disconnect module (either MNBDM-24 or MNBDM-48, depending on the voltage of the system). Once the Birdhouse disconnect switch is activated, the shunt-trip breakers are going to disconnect, cutting off battery power to the inverter system. A battery disconnect module is required for use with Midnite’s shunt trip breakers.

MNEDC-RT remote-trip breakers trip to the open position when 19 – 24 Volt DC is applied to the trip contacts for 100 ms. A longer duration than that will burn out the trip coil!

Breaker torque value: 15 ft-lbs (20.4 Nm)


  • 3/8″ studs
  • 175 & 250 Amp DC rated
  • Width of 1.5″ (39mm)
  • Non-polarized breaker
  • 125 Volt DC panel mount breaker
  • Remote trip ability, activated at 19 Volt DC
  • 50,000 Amp interrupt rating at 125 VDC
  • Environmental rating – Type 1 (indoor use)
  • 5 years warranty
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Find this useful? Share it with your friends!