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MidNite Solar MNEDCRT


MidNite Solar MNEDCRT, a remote trip breaker for use with a battery disconnect module ( MNBDM-24 or MNBDM-48 ) and the rapid shutdown system

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Midnite’s MNEDC-RT shunt trip breakers are designed to work with the Birdhouse rapid shutdown system. When installing rapid shutdown in a battery-based system the inverter main DC disconnects need to be replaced with Midnite shunt trip breakers which are controlled by a battery disconnect module (either MNBDM-24 or MNBDM-48, depending on the voltage of the system). Once the Birdhouse disconnect switch is activated, the shunt-trip breakers are going to disconnect, cutting off battery power to the inverter system. A battery disconnect module is required for use with Midnite’s shunt trip breakers.


  • Environmental rating – type 1 (indoor)
  • 125VDC panel mount breaker – 3/8″ studs 1.5″
  • AIC 50,000 at 125VDC
  • Breaker torque value: 15 Ft-Lbs (20.4NM)
  • Warranty – 5 years



Mnfr. model


Max. Voltage

Max. current




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