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DISCONTINUED: Power-One/ABB Radio for Aurora string inverters PVI-RADIOMODULE

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Radio tranceiver for the Power-One Aurora string inverters, PVI 3.0/ 3.6/ 4.2/ 5000/ 6000. The PVI-RADIOMODULE is an add-on to the PVI-DESKTOP Module. One PVI-RADIOMODULE is required for each inverter to wirelessly connect to a PVI-DESKTOP.

The Aurora PVI-DESKTOP is an innovative control and monitoring platform for residential and small commercial applications of Power-One’s Aurora Photovoltaic Inverters. It also provides an appealing solution to customers who want to have production data and device status available at a glance without use of either computer or internet connection.

The Aurora PVI-DESKTOP is capable of gathering data from up to six string inverters for power plants up to 60 kW in a local plant environment. It provides an extensive presentation of all relevant plant parameters through user-friendly screen shots on a 3 1/2″ touch-screen colour TFT display. The communication between the inverters and the Aurora PVI-DESKTOP is carried out through either RS-485 wire link or radio link at 915 MHz. In both cases the communication is supported by an Aurora proprietary protocol.

The Aurora PVI-DESKTOP is a cost effective and flexible answer to the need for local site monitoring especially intended for residential applications, and it operates within a range of up to 1000 feet from the farthest-controlled inverter. Thanks to its radio link and the installation of an Aurora PVI-RADIOMODULE on each controlled inverter, the Aurora PVI-DESKTOP can also function without data line wiring. Flexibility of main power backup is guaranteed by an integrated Lithium battery with a backup time of three weeks from full charge.


  • Radio transmission 915 MHz
  • Up to 1,000 ft operating range from inverters
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