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Primus 3-ELOT-1147-03


Primus 3-ELOT-1147-03, a 20 Amp breaker for 12V AIR Breeze/AIR 40 wind turbines and 24V AIR 30/AIR X Marine wind turbines

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AIR Series Turbines can produce high amperage charges. Primus recommends protecting your turbine with fuses or circuit breakers and wiring it with an appropriate size “slow-blow” fuse or circuit breaker between AIR Turbine and the batteries. If a stop switch is used, the fuse or circuit breaker should be placed between the switch and the batteries. The 3-ELOT-1147-03 circuit breaker is a perfect product to fulfill this need. It is a 20 Amp breaker for 12 VDC AIR Breeze/ AIR 40 wind turbines. It also operates with 24 VDC AIR 30/AIR X Marine wind turbines.



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