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DISCONTINUED: Samlex EVO-RC, intelligent remote control for EVO inverters

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The Samlex EVO-RC is an optional LCD remote control for the Samlex Evolution series inverter/chargers. View real-time activity while the unit is operating such as: Output Voltage, frequency, Amps, Watts, Volt-Amps, power factor, battery Voltage, battery current, solar input current and more. The EVO-RC is required to program parameters (such as battery charge parameters) and for data logging although it is not required for the basic operations of the EVO inverter/chargers.

Data log historic power consumption, inverter functionality, battery charging activity, faults and all of the conditions leading up to them. Analyze trends for more efficient use of off-grid resources.


  • Data logging is easily exported into Excel
  • SD card slot can manage a removable SD Card up to 16GB
  • Includes 33 feet of cable
  • 2 years warranty
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