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Solar Panels, Tilt-Angle, and Winter

Many of our customers have cottages, some are used throughout the winter, some are left to their own devices. Both cases present a challenge when there is an off-grid electrical system: Panels get covered in snow, and therefore don't contribute to charging the batteries. At the same time, the Achilles heel of lead-acid batteries [...]

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kW vs. kWh – Power vs. Energy and Why It Matters for Your Off-Grid System

Confused about kilo-Watt versus kilo-Watt-hours? When even electricians talk about "kilo-Watts" when they actually meant "kilo-Watt-hours" it shows that a little education is in order. Being able to differentiate between power ("kilo-Watt" or kW) and energy ("kilo-Watt-hours" or kWh) will help you make better decisions about your system. Yesterday I was talking to a [...]

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