FabRack Solar fabricates seasonably adjustable ground mounted racking for solar panels. Their simple, yet practical, racks are very easy to install, and completely adjustable. Made of aluminum and stainless steel, manufactured in Ontario, FabRack’s solar mounts are far more visually appealing than any other racking system.

FabRack’s ground racking can be adjusted by season with settings for 30-degrees tilt, 45-degrees, and 60-degrees. This is especially convenient for off-grid solar systems, where the 60-degree setting in winter helps to get the most out of the panels, and shed snow very well. For grid-tie solar systems the change in tilt-angle will effectively increasing your ROI 15% higher vs. fixed installations.

A single person can change the tilt-angle of a rack in less than a minute, it is that easy. Solacity can help you with drawings and tips how to install these racks, we know them well!

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