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We have written a number of articles on a variety of renewable energy topics that we hope you find helpful. Because our background is in wind energy, most are currently related to that. The plan is to add more information to this section, in particular solar PV and off-grid articles, so check back regularly!

Some of the articles may seem a bit out of context, as they are about brands we no longer sell. There is a history to this, and you can get the nitty-gritty by clicking this link …

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How to Size a Solar System That Really Works!

Properly sizing a solar system has always been somewhat of a black art, even for experienced solar installers. This article explains step-by-step in detail how it is done. Both grid-tie and off-grid systems are discussed, including how to size the inverter and battery bank.

Canadian Solar Incentives & Rebates

Check out what your province offers in incentives and rebates to help you get started with solar PV or other renewable energy sources. Almost all provinces offer some form of net-metering, some offer money as well. We try to keep this up to date. Please let us know if you find outdated information or new incentives!

Off-Grid Power Systems

Thinking about going off-grid? We can help you properly size and design a system, and provide all the parts you need to become energy-independent. This article has all the details, including approximate cost numbers. When the neighbourhood goes dark your lights will stay on!

The (Ontario) Net-Metering Program

A solar PV system on your rooftop is a great way to offset your electrical bill and lock in your rate! With a decade of hands-on experience we can provide all the supplies and help you successfully complete your own Net-Metering installation. This article provides all the information you need, including financial information about payback time and system cost.

Finding Happiness with Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-on batteries, in particular LiFePO4 type lithium-ion batteries, are quickly becoming more popular for off-grid power. Is their high price worth it? This article explorers the ins and outs of lithium-ion batteries, including proper care.

The Care & Feeding of your (Expensive) Lead-Acid Batteries

Batteries are the largest (recurring) expense for any off-grid system. Understanding what makes them tick, and learning to take good care of your batteries will greatly help to live a long and happy off-grid life!

The Truth About Small Wind Turbines

All the information the turbine manufacturers, and some of the less scrupulous installers, leave out of their glossy brochures. This is a must-read if you are considering a small wind turbine in your backyard.

It tells the literal truth, as we have experienced over the years of dealing with small wind turbines.

Wind Turbine Site Selection

The Wind Turbine Site Selection section helps you to find the best place to install your wind turbine. How high the tower should be, and what effect obstacles such as trees and houses will have (and how to work around this).

Lightning Protection

The Lightning Protection section shows how the pros provide almost foolproof lightning protection for wind turbines, communications towers and the like, and what you can do to protect your renewable energy installation from lightning damage.

Green Energy Electrical Connections

The Electrical Connections article shows the the various options of using renewable energy sources. Topics such as grid-connected, off-grid, inverters, batteries, and charge controllers are explained, with lots of illustrations.

Power-One (ABB) Solar & Wind Inverters

Collected in this article are a number of useful documents, tips, tricks, and wiring diagrams for use with Power-One (now ABB) Aurora solar and wind inverters. We used to be a distributor for these inverters for many years, and even though we no longer sell them we believed this information should be preserved so others can use it.

Eoltec (Weole) Scirocco Wind Turbine

Solacity used to be the North American distributor for Eoltec’s Scirocco wind turbines. We collected a number of documents that could be of interest to the Scirocco owners that are looking for information.

The Ontario MicroFIT Program

Interested in making money from your rooftop? We can help you with a DIY solar PV system under the Ontario MicroFIT program. With a decade of hands-on experience we can provide all the supplies and help you successfully complete your own MicroFIT system.

All the details about MicroFIT including a financial analysis are provided.

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