The new site has been up for a few hours now! I feel a little like a new parent (Yes, I know how that feels, there are a few little ones running around the house). The big difference is of course that a new baby can’t be made over, you get what you get, while we have been busy meanwhile fixing a few little bugs here and there. “Fixed” also takes on a whole other meaning with kids, but let’s not go there…

For those looking for the old articles from the “learning” section; they have all been ported over, and updated, to this new site. I have even added a few new ones, and plan to add more in the future.

The plan is to let the new site run somewhat silently for a few days, with the usual day-to-day traffic, and then announce it to our existing customers. I will slowly but surely post more about renewable energy and green goods, and less about this fantastic new Web site, as time goes by. For now, let me bask in the glory of 4 months of very hard work (we made this new site entirely in-house).

Let me know what you think about it!