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4/0 AWG DLO Battery Interconnect


Battery interconnect 2/0 AWG, DLO flexible wire with 3/8″ lugs, CSA listed, black

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4/0 AWG flexible battery interconnect cable, made of DLO tinned-copper wire. The current rating of this wire is 260 Amp. DLO (Diesel LOcomotive) wire is UL/CSA listed as RW90-TC type wire rated at 1,000 Volt, very flexible, and ozone, sunlight, oil, grease, weather, chemical and abrasion resistant.

The jacket carriers the following markings:

TF CABLE 4/0AWG (107mm2) 90C DLO 2KV P-7K-268080-01-MSHA – E193954 (UL) RHW–2 2KV VW-1 ST1 SUN RES – CSA 205591 RW90 EPR 1000V -40C FT1 FT4 TC SR Oil Res

The battery interconnects have 3/8″ tinned-copper lugs crimped on the ends, with shrink-tubing covering the connection between wire and lug. The lugs are CSA listed, and stamped as such. Please note that the listed interconnect length is that of the wire, the lugs add about 1″ on either side, making a 12″ battery interconnect around 14″ in overall length.

While this wire is quite flexible, it is not as flexible as our regular battery interconnects that are made out of welding wire. Unless DLO wire is required, we would suggest using our regular and more economic battery interconnects.




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