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DISCONTINUED: Bergey ITU18, a 60′ tilt-up tubular tower with guy wires and a gin pole for Excel 1 wind turbines

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The Tilt Tower is the factory recommended tower for the Bergey Excel 1 turbine because it combines cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. Over the long-term the Tilt Tower will also reduce “total costs of ownership” by making it easier for owners to inspect, provide preventive maintenance (particularly in corrosive environments), and perform repairs to the Excel 1 wind turbine.

The Tilt Tower kit includes all of the components and fasteners required to assemble and ground the tower. The tower can be installed without concrete work in areas with good soil strength and no rocks (that would impede the auger for the guy-wire anchors). In weak or rocky soils, concrete is required to fix the anchors. Proper grounding (or “earthing”) is an important element in protecting the system from lightning damage.

The tower is guyed at vertical intervals of approximately 20 ft (6 meters). The Tilt.Tower is best installed on level ground, but can be installed on slopes or uneven terrain provided that the base and the anchors on the tilt-axis can be kept fairly level.

After assembly of the tower, wind turbine, and tower wiring on the ground, the tower and turbine are tilted-up to the vertical position using a winch or a vehicle. A winch is preferred because of the greater control they afford. The towers are provided with a lever arm, called a gin-pole, which runs from the base to one of the guy anchors. The gin-pole converts the pulling force on the pull-up rope or cable into a lifting force on the turbine and tower.

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