Blue Sea 5191


MRBF fuse holder for battery terminal mounting, 58V DC, 30 – 300 Amp

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The Blue Sea 5191 is an MRBF fuse holder that can be directly bolted to the positive battery terminal. It is rated for 300 Amp and 58 Volt DC, making it an ideal way to provide primary overcurrent protection for battery systems all the way up to 48 Volt battery banks. Works great for simple cottage, RV, and boat off-grid systems!

The Blue Sea 5191 allows for one MRBF fuses to be mounted on the fuse holder. We also have a dual-fuse version, the Blue Sea 2151.

Because the fuse holder bolts directly to the the battery terminal no extra cables are needed. The battery cable bolts to the other side of the fuse holder. The compact size makes it work even for tight spaces.

MRBF fuses are available from 30A through 300A.


  • Compact, high-Amp fuse, 30 – 300 Amp
  • Provides high current protection in tight space constraints
  • Ignition protected when used with Blue Sea Systems’ MRBF Terminal Fuse
  • Isolated stud design uses standard M8 hardware and permits stacking of terminals
  • Insulating cap prevents accidental shorts
  • Accepts 5∕16″ ring terminals
  • Mounts on 3/8″ terminal studs
  • 58 Volt DC rated
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