Blue Sea 7721


MEGA / AMG safety fuse holder, 32V DC, 40 – 300 Amp, with cover

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The Blue Sea 7721 Safety Fuse Block works with MEGA fuses up to 300 amps. It is ideal for battery and alternator connections as well as other heavy gauge cables requiring ultra high current protection. For 12 and 24 Volt systems MEGA fuses form a cost-effective alternative to Class-T fuses.

The MEGA/AMG Safety Fuse Block uses readily available MEGA/AMG fuses. This fuse type is popular with off-grid systems, boaters, and RVs because it is an economical way to achieve circuit protection up to 300A. With a 2000A interrupting capacity, these fuses are suitable for branch circuit protection, or main circuit protection with smaller battery banks.

The AMI/MIDI Safety Fuse Block uses AMI/MIDI fuses. This relatively new fuse is extremely economical and compact, and offers a clear window for visible indication of blown condition. MIDI fuses have a 5000A interrupting capacity, making them suitable for both main and branch circuit protection.

Both Safety Fuse Blocks carry on the important features of the SafetyHub family. Ignition protection is the core feature of these products. Using ignition protected devices where required is essential for safety and regulatory compliance, and the SafetyHubs and Safety Fuse Blocks are ignition protected to SAE J1171 and ISO 8846. They are safe for use in engine compartments and other locations on gasoline or diesel vessels where a potential fuel source may be present.

Screw termination for secure connections, a tethered fuse cover with positive latching system, and tin-plated copper busing make the SafetyHubs and Safety Fuse Blocks a reliable and safe part of a boat’s electrical system.

We also stock the MEGA fuses that fit this fuse holder.


  • Ignition protected for installation aboard gasoline or diesel powered boats or RVs
  • Sealed cover protects fuses from the harsh marine environment
  • Insulating cover satisfies ABYC/USCG insulation requirements
  • Cover breakouts allow wire access in any direction
  • 300A maximum with 4/0 cable
  • 32 Volt rated
  • CE listed
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