White Clover Seed 500 gram


White clover seed, 500 gram bag, for mixing into a lawn to create a self-fertilizing yard

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Adding a small amount of clover seed to your turf will create a partially self-fertilizing lawn; the clover binds nitrogen from the air into the soil, which in turn is fertilizer for the grass growing around it. Clower is also a great ground cover in its own right, and a cover-crop for over fall-winter-spring to till under a vegetable patch as a green manure (be sure to seed at least 4 weeks before the first killing frost so it can sprout and get established).

When seeded with grass, the seed rate is only 1 lbs per acre (43,000 sq. ft.). As a cover crop or ground cover the seed rate is 2,000 sq. ft. per lbs. Our 500 gram bag is just over 1 lbs.

Blooming clover is also very attractive (and beneficial) to bees!

No more overpriced grass seed! Solacity provides top-quality seed mixes at affordable prices! Check out our mixes, we only include premium perennial grasses, and do not incorporate (cheap) annual rye grass that disappears after the first season.

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