Enphase ET Trunk Cable

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DISCONTINUED: Enphase ET trunk cable, for M215/M250/S280, in portrait and landscape orientation, for 240V split-phase and 208V 3-phase, per inverter/connector

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Enphase trunk cable for their M215/M250/S280 micro-inverters. There are different version of trunk cable for portrait, and landscape orientation, as well as for 240V split-phase and 208V 3-phase. One section of trunk cable is needed per micro-inverter.

The Enphase Engage Cable is a continuous length of 2.5 mm2 (12 AWG), outdoor rated cable with integrated connectors to easily hook up your microinverters. These connectors are preinstalled along the Engage Cable at intervals to accommodate PV module widths. The microinverters plug directly into the cable connectors. An ET-DISC tool is needed to disconnect a micro-inverter from the trunk cable connector. Each string/section of trunk cable requires one ET-TERM to terminate the open end.

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