Eoltec Scirocco Rotor Spring SCI-102-A

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DISCONTINUED: Alternator rotor spring SCI-102-A, for Eoltec / Weole Scirocco 6kW wind turbine

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This is an alternator rotor spring for an Eoltec / Weole Scirocco 6kW wind turbine. Part number is SCI-102-A. This is a clearance item, no returns.

The Scirocco alternator spring usually breaks because the alternator has been running single-phase (on 2 instead of 3 wires). Please check your wiring and make sure all three alternator wires are carrying current! When the Scirocco alternator is running single-phase it sets up a vibration that will over time fatigue the alternator spring, and make it fail. The alternator spring isolates the rectifier noise from the blades; without it the turbine would have a loud whining noise while it’s producing power.

Contact us for the manual that describes how to replace the alternator spring.

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