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DISCONTINUED: EP Solar / EPEver Tracer-2215BN, 20A MPPT charge controller, 12V/24V, 150V DC

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The Tracer BN series is EP Solar’s second generation of MPPT controller. They are an economic alternative when a solar MPPT controller is needed. MPPT controllers allow for the connection of solar panels that operate at a higher Voltage than the batteries, the controller takes care of efficiently converting the PV Voltage down to the battery Voltage.

The Tracer BN series has extensive communication ability, and the die-cast aluminum design ensures excellent heat dispersion. Compared to a conventional PWM controller, MPPT technology increases the charge efficiency by up to 30%, allowing for a smaller solar array and overall more energy production.

EP Solar’s MPPT charge controllers respond extremely fast to changes solar light conditions, always seeking the best power point to operate the panels at. They are microprocessor controlled, supplying 3-stage charging to keep batteries healthy. An optional remote temperature sensor is available to provide automatic temperature compensation, as is an optional remote display to show the charger activity.

To change the battery/charge settings the MT50 remote control is needed.

A load controller is built into the BN series, to provide a variety of on/off selections for lights (i.e. ‘on’ at dusk for XX hours, then ‘off’, and ‘on’ again YY hours before dawn, until dawn).

EP Solar sells their charge controllers under the “EPEver” brand name. That is the name you will see on the box, the charge controllers are all made by EP Solar.


  • Maximize energy harvest through Maximum Power Point Tracking, with efficiency no less than 99.5%
  • Ultra-fast tracking speed and guaranteed tracking efficiency
  • Wide MPP operating voltage range
  • Maximum conversion efficiency of 98%
  • Reliable automatic limit function of maximum PV input power, allowing oversizing of the PV array
  • Die-cast aluminum design, ensuring excellent heat dissipation characteristic
  • Multiple load control modes: Manual control, light ON/OFF, light On, and timer and time control
  • Supports 4 charging options: Sealed, Gel, Flooded and User
  • Battery temperature compensation build-in, and remote sensor optional
  • Real-time energy statistics function
  • RS-485 communication bus interface and MODBUS communication protocol
  • Real-time data checking and parameters setting
  • PC monitoring and optional external display unit connecting (MT50) for real-time data checking and parameters setting
  • Supports software upgrade
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