>>>FabRack 4-Panel Adjustable Ground Mount


The all-aluminum FabRack 4 panel ground mount is compatible with any brand of solar panel – including roof mount panels. The racking system is made entirely of aluminum with stainless steel fasteners, keeping its strength and durability, while putting its aesthetics far beyond any unsightly wooden or steel products on the market.

A myriad of possible layouts makes FabRack’s ground mount the most flexible in the industry. Easy field adjustments allows for four season positioning (30-45-60 degree tilt) to keep the solar panels facing the sun, which results in a 10-15% ROI improvement over fixed racking.

These racks are also ideal for off-grid systems where 30-degree tilt works great from March through September, and 60-degree tilt from September through March is perfect to maximize winter energy yield and keep snow off the panels.

We can help you design a system with FabRack mounting units, including the ballast design to securely mount them on most soil types.




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