FabRack Adjustable Ground Mount


FabRack 3- and 4-panel ground-mount unit, field adjustable 30-45-60 degree tilt, for 60- 66- 72- and 78-cell modules

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The all-aluminum FabRack panel ground mount is made-to-order for the specific panels you are planning to use. The racking system is made entirely of aluminum with stainless steel fasteners, making it look as good after 20 years as it did the day it was installed. FabRack makes a 4-panel (portrait) adjustable ground mount for 60- and 66-cell PV modules, and a 3 panel (landscape) ground mount for 72- and 78-cell modules.

Easy field adjustments allows for four season positioning (30-45-60 degree tilt) to keep the solar panels facing the sun, which results in a 10-15% ROI improvement over fixed racking. We recommend for our lattitude (45-degrees north) to adjust twice yearly: On March 15 from 60 degrees tilt-angle to 30 degrees tilt-angle, and on September 15 from 30 degrees back to 60 degrees tilt-angle.

These racks are also ideal for off-grid systems where 30-degree tilt works great in summer, and 60-degree tilt is perfect to maximize winter energy yield and keep snow off the panels. FabRack units can be made for 60-cell or 72-cell modules.

As with any type of ground-mount, the FabRack units require secure anchoring to the ground, either through Sonotube/concrete (5 feet deep for each leg), suitable screw-piles, or ballast blocks on grade. You can find a drawing for ballasts in the documents section.

We can help you design a system with FabRack mounting units, including the ballast design to securely mount them on most soil types.

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Find this useful? Share it with your friends!