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Fronius Wind Sensor


Fronius sensor wind speed IG, 42,0411,0027

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The Wind Sensor measures the speed of wind for use with the Fronius Sensor Card / Box and the Datamanager.


Sensor Cup Anemometer
Output signal Rectangle: Low ≤ 0.5V / High ≥ 4.5 V
Calibration factor   5.22 Hz = 1 km/h
18.79 Hz = 1 m/s
Threshold 2.5 m/s wind speed
Resolution 1 m/s; 1 km/h
Accuracy ±5 % at wind speed ≥ 5 m/s
Degree of protection IP 54
Ambient temperature -20°C to +60°C
Dimensions 85 x  93 x 115 mm
Cable 2 m CU-cable, ferrules, UV-resistant
Max. cable length
(distance: Sensor Card/Box – sensor)
30 m



Mnfr. model


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