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Product Description

The Heliene 60MHD mono-crystalline photovoltaic solar modules are built with thick prismatic glass, resulting in higher efficiency, lower reflectivity, and lower dust adherence. They feature three buses, minimum power dispersion; standardized 1,500 volts insulation and can generate up to 300 Watt per unit with just 60 premium cells. These are the highest-efficiency modules available on the market, with up to 18.9% efficiency.

There is a $100 “partial pallet” fee that will be added to your order. Full pallets of 26 panels are available as well.

These PV modules ship from London, Ontario.


  • Guaranteed positive power tolerance sorting: -0 … +4.99 Wp
  • Built with thick prismatic glass, which results in higher efficiency, lower reflectivity, and lower dust adherence
  • They feature minimum power dispersion; standardized 1,500 volts insulation, 60 high-yield mono-crystalline cells
  • All mono-crystalline 6” cells, measuring 156 x 156 mm, with three collector buses per cell to increase performance
  • Reduced current collecting temperature which reduces aging, leading to a life expectancy of more than 25 years
  • Stronger and thicker micro-prismatic glass surface for greater energy yield under diffuse sunlight & low-light conditions
  • Manufactured in accordance with international quality standard ISO9001
  • Canadian Made!





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