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Iota IQ, smart controller for Iota DLS battery chargers, provides intelligent battery charge control for flooded, AGM, and LiFePO4 (lithium) batteries

There is an IQ smart controller for every battery type!

IOTA IQ Smart Charge Controllers plug right into your IOTA DLS Charger to deliver automatic enhanced performance, overall faster charging, and better maintenance for optimal battery life. Without an IQ Smart Controller the Iota chargers are in essence a constant current – constant Voltage source; they will supply their rated current until the battery Voltage reaches 13.6 Volt (27.2V for the 24V models) without the Voltage Jack, or 14.2 Volt (28.4V for 24V models) with the Voltage Jack plugged into them. They will then taper off the current while keeping the Voltage constant. With an IQ Smart Controller the Iota chargers turn into a proper 3-stage or other charger, tailored to the battery type.

There are IOTA IQ Smart Charge Controllers for flooded lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries, and Lithium-Ion batteries. The IQ controller monitors the battery at all times, making sure the correct charging profile and Voltages are used for the battery type.

  • IQ4: Bulk 14.8/29.6 Volt, absorb 14.2/28.4 Volt, float 13.6/27.2 Volt (up to 7 days or until below 12.8/25.6V before re-bulk)
  • IQ-AGM: Bulk 14.7/29.4 Volt, float 13.6/27.2 Volt (up to 7 days before re-bulk)
  • IQ-LIFEPO: Bulk/absorb 14.7 Volt (4 hours), float 13.6/27.2 Volt (up to 15 days before re-bulk)
  • IQ-EQUALIZER: Bulk 15.41/30.82 Volt (2 hours), float 13.6/27.2 Volt after



  • Reduces charge times
  • Helps prevent gassing, boiling, and bulging of batteries
  • Protects batteries from stratification and from sulfating of battery plates
  • Installs easily by plugging into the Dual Voltage Jack of the DLS charger
  • Flashing LED to indicate current charging stage



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