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Lawn fertilizer, turf builder slow-release blend, 25-5-10 & minerals, 20 kg (44 lbs) bag

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General Seed’s lawn fertilizer is ideal for greening up your grass in spring, or to give it a boost later in the year. This mixture contains both quick- and slow-release nitrogen fertilizer, so it gives an immediate boost to green up your lawn, while continuing to work over a period of many weeks to keep your grass looking healthy.

The added Magnesium works to give your grass the desirable deep green colour. Potassium is supplied by sulphate of potash, a safe and natural form of Potassium and Sulphur, while Magnesium is added as Magnesium Sulphate, a secondary nutrient that is used to correct magnesium deficiency in the soil. Magnesium sulphate also improves nitrogen and phosphorous uptake by the turf.

The mix is 25-5-10 plus minerals.
A 20 kg (44 lbs) bag is good for 10,000 square feet (0.23 acre).

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