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DISCONTINUED: LG LG400N2T-J5, 400 Watt Bi-Facial, 72-cell mono-crystalline PV module, silver frame, MC4 connectors

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These LG bi-facial modules are sold as “Clearance” items, and their sale is final, non-returnable, non-refundable. While these modules are brand-new, with full warranty, they were stored outside for some time and show water markings (dirt) on their backside and aluminum frame (actual pictures of one of these panels are shown with this listing). Mounting them outside in the rain will over time clean that up, or you can wash them, and they work fine, just like any new panel. We are selling these as clearance items at rock-bottom pricing because while new, they do not look new. Limited quantities available, once they are gone they won’t come back!

The LG NeON 2 BiFacial modules absorb light from two sides! Depending on the application this can yield an extra 30% in output power by making use of the reflected light that reaches the backside. These modules also look GREAT, they are partially transparent. If you are looking for a fantastic (architectural) solar PV awning or carport, these modules can make that happen!

The 400 Watt module rating is based on the front-side only, anything coming in through the back is a bonus.

LG solar PV modules are considered the top-of-the-line in solar. LG constantly pushes the envelope when it comes to module yield (Wattage), and these modules are among the highest output available for this size. This is a 72-cell module.

Pallet & Repacking Fee

Please note that a $55 “Pallet and Repacking Fee” will be added for all partial pallets with solar panels (i.e. anything less than a full skid of panels). We will be happy to refund this fee if you bring the pallet back to us in good shape, so it can be re-used. This fee is needed to cover our cost of having custom oversized pallets made to ship solar panels on (and those pallets cost us well over $60 each!).


  • 400 Watt rated output (front only)
  • -0% … +3% power output tolerance
  • Improved high-temperature performance due to low temperature coefficient
  • Bi-Facial energy yield, can achieve up to 30% more energy vs. standard module
  • Excellent low-light performance (for example during cloudy days)
  • Multi-Contact brand MC4 connectors
  • Near-zero LID
  • cETL listed for the USA & Canada
  • 25-year warranty
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