PowerMax PMTS-30


PowerMax PMTS-30, 120 VAC 30A automatic transfer switch/relay

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PowerMax’s PMTS-30 is an 120 VAC, 30 Amp automatic transfer switch. When plugged into shore power or a generator it will automatically provide AC power from that source to all AC appliances. To operate your appliances from an on-board generator, simply start the generator and the PMTS-30 will (after 20-30 seconds) automatically transfer to the generator to power the AC appliances. The time delay allows the generator voltage to stabilize.

The PMTS-30 can be mounted in any position. It is best to install the PMTS-30 as close to the generator or shore power cord entrance as possible in order to minimize Voltage drop across the wire.


  • An economical automatic transfer switch choice!
  • 30 Amp transfer capability
  • Time delay, so a generator can stabilize before switching
  • Complies with FCC norms
  • 2 year warranty



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