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Precision Circuits Battery Guardian


Precision Circuits 00-10041-450, Battery Guardian, 225 Amp, intelligent battery disconnect and guardian

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The Precision Circuits 00-10041-450 intelligent Battery Guardian handles the functions of both a battery disconnect and a battery guardian: It allows you to remotely disconnect the house battery (OFF-mode) of an RV, motor-home, of fifth-wheel, for example for winter storage, without the cumbersome physical labour of physically disconnecting wires. The Battery Guardian also monitors the battery Voltage and automatically disconnects (AUTO-mode) the house battery if it falls below 11.5 Volt for more than 2 minutes to prevent damage to the battery (essentially a nearly-empty battery, which works well both for lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries), .

There is an owner-override capability (ON-mode) to force the Battery Guardian to reconnect the battery, and it will automatically reconnect if it senses a charging Voltage when in AUTO-mode.

Works great in combination with the Precision Circuits Battery Isolator Manager, especially for lithium-ion batteries!


Precision Circuits 00-10041-450 wiring diagram


  • Approved for installation in battery compartments, ignition proof, meets SAE J1171
  • Current rating 225 Amp continuous, 1,200 Amp for cranking (30 seconds)
  • Waterproof, IEC 60529, IP66 IP67, ASTM B 117 96-hours salt spray
  • Microprocessor controlled internal coil
  • Draws no current in ON or OFF state
  • Weighs under 1 pound



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