Primus Replacement Bearing Kit


Primus 2-ARXX-XXX-XX, AIR land and marine bearing kit, contains all the hardware to replace the bearings

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The part that works hardest of any wind turbine are the bearings, and eventually they will wear out. We have replacement bearing kits for all Primus AIR turbines, including the AIR-series as they were still made by Soutwest Wind Power.

The original bearings found in all Primus AIR turbines (including the marine versions) is kit 2-ARYF-100-02. These are solid, general-purpose bearings that will give many years of service for all regular applications. For those that want to go the extra step beyond, there is a version with stainless steel bearings as well, 2-ARYF-100-03. Both these kits contain rotor and yaw bearings.

Kit 2-ARAL-100-02 contains just the rotor bearings (it does NOT contain the yaw bearing).



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