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Rennsteig MC4/H4 Kit for 14/12/10/8 AWG


Rennsteig Kit for MC4/H4 (Amphenol), cutting stripping and crimping tools for 12/10/8 AWG (MC4) and 14/12/10/8 AWG (H4), 624 105-52 RT

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Save Money … by fabricating your own PV wires!

This professional kit has everything you need for making solar wire connections, from cutting to stripping to crimping. All components are top-quality Rennsteig tools designed and made in Germany specially for the solar industry. The Rennsteig MC4 and H4 kit covers all the popular Multi-Contact (MC4) and Amphenol (H4) connector sizes with all the tools needed to efficiently create high-quality cables. The cutters, strippers, and crimpers are included for 10 & 12 AWG MC4 connectors, the 8 AWG solid-pin machined MC4 connectors, and 8, 10, 12, and 14 AWG Amphenol H4 connectors.

The Rennsteig tool kit ID number is 624 105-52 RT. The kit includes:

  • Insulation stripper for solar wire (AWG 16/14/12/10)
  • Cable cutter (max. wire cross-section: 50 mm² or 1/0 AWG)
  • Solar system tool with MC4 die set and locator (for 12/10 AWG (stamped & formed) and 8 AWG (solid))
  • Amphenol H4 (machined contact) die set and locator (for 14/12/10/8 AWG)

Rennsteig tools are professional-grade and are meant for every day use. They are built to last, in fact, with a little care these tools literally last a life-time. Solacity is a distributor for Rennsteig tools. If you are looking for a tool that is not listed please contact us, odds are we can get it for you.


  • For cutting, stripping and crimping of solar contacts from MC4 and H4
  • A customized kit is much less expensive than multiple individual tools
  • With this kit you will also be able to make adapters that go from one type of connector system to another
  • Works for single- and multi-stranded cables
  • Solid construction, easy to handle
  • Made in Germany – made by Rennsteig



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