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Shark Bentgrass 300 gram


Shark Bentgrass, 300 gram bag, used for putting greens (2 lbs/1000 sft)

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Create your own putting green with our Shark Bentgrass!

Bentgrass is the traditional grass seed used for putting greens, and now you can make your own. Our 300 gram bag of seed is sufficient for 330 sq. ft. of putting green. Mix the seeds with some sand to make it easier to get an even spread.

Even in our Canadian climate it is entirely possible to create your own backyard putting green. The University of Arkansas even wrote a how-to guide for doing just that! A weekend of work, some patience, and a very modest investment is all it takes.

Spread rate is 500 sq. ft. per lbs. for seeding, and 1,000 sq. ft. per lbs. for overseeding. Requires cover in winter as frost protection.

No more overpriced grass seed! Solacity provides top-quality seed mixes at affordable prices! Check out our mixes, we only include premium perennial grasses, and do not incorporate (cheap) annual rye grass that disappears after the first season.

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