Sol-Ark 15K-2P-N


Sol-Ark 15K-2P-N, All-In-One 12kW pure-sine inverter, 48V DC in, 240 VAC split-phase out, 15kW dual-MPPT PV charger, 275A AC charger, CSA-listed, 10 year warranty

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The Sol-Ark 15K-2P-N is a 12kW All-In-One inverter that can be used in either an off-grid setting, or tied to the grid to provide back-up power, peak-shaving, or load-shedding. The Sol-Ark inverter spans the bridge between battery-less grid-tie inverters, and off-grid systems that can provide power when the grid goes down. The inverter can export excess solar PV to the grid, to make an effective net-metering system.

17,000 Watt of Solar PV can be connected to charge the batteries, and/or export to the grid. The Sol-Ark inverter has three independent MPPT inputs (26A max. each), each allowing a wide Voltage range of 125 – 500 Volt (150 – 425 Volt MPPT range). The high-Voltage inputs allow for long PV strings, making it simpler to install solar PV.

The unit has a build-in transfer switch that allows for switching from grid-tie to off-grid mode in 5ms, making the ideal Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS). This is fast enough to prevent computers from noticing or resetting.

Up to 12 Sol-Ark 15K-2P-N inverters can be stacked as a 240V split-phase system (144kW total), using a single battery bank. For 3-phase 208V up to 12 Sol-Ark inverters can be stacked (making for a 144kW system).

It meets all the grid-tie regulations and requirements for a code-compliant installation: UL/CSA-listing for the USA and Canada, the solar PV input includes AFCI and GFCI, minimizing the need for additional equipment.

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  • 48 Volt battery bank
  • Can be installed outdoors
  • Cell phone app for monitoring
  • Remote monitoring via Internet
  • Build-in 2x 200A DC battery breaker
  • 15 kW battery charger from solar PV
  • 275 Amp battery charger from AC & solar PV
  • Up to 500 Volt DC tripple-MPPT for solar PV
  • Rapid Shutdown integration using Tigo TS-4F units
  • 200 Amp 240V split-phase (48kW) pass-through capable
  • 12000 Watt continuous AC output, 24kW for 10 seconds
  • Works with lithium-ion, AGM, GEL, and flooded batteries
  • Integrated relay for automatic-generator-start (AGS) functionality
  • UL & CSA-listed
  • 10-year warranty
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Find this useful? Share it with your friends!



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