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DISCONTINUED: Solis Ginlong universal Rapid-Shutdown device, RSD-1G 2:2, 2 strings in 2 string out, works with any grid-tie inverter

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The Solis / Ginlong Rapid Shutdown Device RSD-1G 2:2 box provides a universal rapid-shutdown solution that is UL and CSA listed, and complies with the 2014 NEC  690.12 and CEC 2015 code for rapid shutdown to de-energize the wiring coming from a solar array. The Solis RSD is sealed in a NEMA 4X enclosure that fits neatly underneath the solar panels, much like a micro-inverter. When first responders cut power to a building the RSD will disconnect the PV array from the wiring, and force the Voltage on the inverter input and DC wiring to drop to less than 30 Volt DC within 10 seconds.

The Solis RSD-1G 2:2 has two inputs and two outputs. Each input can handle 20 Amp, though the total of both inputs should not exceed 30 Amp to comply with the short-circuit current rating of the unit. The RSD is powered through 208 or 240 Volt AC from the inverter. Because the RSD is not specific to the Ginlong inverters it can be used with any brand and type string inverter for PV arrays up to 600V DC when rapid-shutdown is required.


  • UL-Certified and compliant with 2014 NEC 690.12  & 2015 CEC Rapid Shutdown
  • Up to 20 Amp per input, 30 Amp total for both combined inputs
  • Dual channel output allowing for perfect alignment with the number of MPPT channels in the inverter system
  • No interference with AFCI functionality of Solis inverters
  • Completely sealed NEMA 4X enclosure, conformal-coated internal components, and a wide operating temperature range
  • Low profile design allows for easy positioning under the PV module
  • Pre-wired MC4 connectors for positive, watertight connections
  • Compatible with any string inverter combination where the maximum system operating voltage is ≤600 VDC
  • Familiar mounting plate for fast attachment and solid grounding to the support rack
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