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DISCONTINUED: Trojan SPRE 02 1255, 2 Volt deep-cycle flooded lead-acid, 1130Ah / 20h, solar series, group L16, L terminals, 2 + 3 years warranty

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Trojan is a well-known and trusted brand for renewable energy batteries. Their L16’s were and are the battery of choice, right from the start when people moved off-grid in the 1960’s. Designed with an 8- to 10-year battery life, Trojan Battery’s Solar Series line of flooded, deep-cycle batteries is specifically engineered to withstand the rigorous conditions of deep-cycle renewable energy applications.

Deep-cycle batteries used in off-grid and unstable grid applications are heavily cycled at partial state of charge (PSOC). Operating at PSOC on a regular basis can quickly diminish the overall life of a battery, which results in frequent and costly battery replacements. To address the impact of PSOC on deep-cycle batteries in renewable energy (RE), inverter backup and telecom applications, Trojan Battery has now included Smart Carbon™ as a standard feature in its Solar Industrial and Solar Premium flooded battery lines.

The Trojan SPRE 02 1255 is a direct replacement for their L16RE-2V battery.

Recommended Charge Settings (at 25C)

Charge State 12 Volt 24 Volt 48 Volt
Bulk 14.7 Volt 29.4 Volt 58.8 Volt
Absorb 14.7 Volt 29.4 Volt 58.8 Volt
Float 13.5 Volt 27.0 Volt 54.0 Volt
Equalize 15.8 Volt 31.6 Volt 63.2 Volt
Temperature Compensation: -5 mV/°C/cell


Equalize time: 2.5 hours, add distilled water as-needed halfway through

Absorb time: 0.42 x C / I, where C is the 20-hour battery bank capacity and I is the real-world charge current

For example, a 12 Volt bank of six SPRE 02 1255 batteries, 1130 Ah battery bank, with 2000 Watt in solar PV would have a realistic charge current of around 140 Amp in full sun. That makes for an absorb time of 0.42 x 1130 / 140 = 3.39 hours = 3 hours 25 minutes

Maximum charge current: 15% of 20-hour battery bank capacity (ie. 0.15 x 1130 = 170A for a SPRE 02 1255 battery for example), never more than 20%

Low-Voltage cut-off: 11.1 / 22.2 / 44.3 Volt (corresponds to about 80% Depth-Of-Discharge)

Note: This battery is actually made up of 3 cells internally, each with its own watering cap, and connected in parallel. That means each watering cap has to be taken off and watered individually. It also means all the usual issues of having three cells in parallel apply, making it harder to keep them all doing the same thing at the same time, and necessitating more frequent equalization. We at Solacity do NOT believe this is a good way to make a battery, and are not sure what Trojan was thinking when they came up with this design. Our recommendation for a similar 2V cell would be Surrette’s S-1450 instead. However, this Trojan battery is available if you need it.


  • Group size L16
  • Smart Carbon for improved performance
  • DuraGrid design provides a thick grid structure that resists corrosion and increases overall battery life
  • Maxguard XL Separator provides even greater resistance to stratification
  • The ultra-rugged Polyon container protects against damage caused by harsh environmental conditions
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