In 1999, SunDanzer began on an improbable journey to bring real-world, sustainable solutions to off-grid refrigeration needs. Lead by the head of NASA’s Advanced Technology Refrigeration Project, the company soon transformed NASA technology into the world’s first battery-free solar powered refrigerator, designed for small, off-grid consumers.

Since then, SunDanzer has focussed on highly efficient battery-powered 12/24 Volt DC solar refrigerators and freezers that offer an exceptionally low energy consumption: Their DCR225 (8 cu. ft.) fridge uses just 130 Watt-hours per day, which in our Ontario climate can be provided by a small 120 Watt solar panel in winter, half that in summer!

SunDanzer chest-style refrigerators are easy to clean using the drain hole at the bottom of the unit. With thick insulation and a refrigeration system optimized for solar, SunDanzer refrigerators and freezers provide outstanding economical and reliable operation; Solacity has been seeling Sundanzer fridges and freezers for a decade now and we can attest to their outstanding durability. They just work!

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