Tigo’s Maximizers are the world’s most efficient add-on solar optimizer, bringing the same technology as smart modules to traditional modules and retrofits. The Tigo Energy Dual Maximizer provides design flexibility, as well as module-level monitoring, control and optimum energy harvest for solar arrays of all sizes. Each unit can be used with up to two solar modules, allowing for a dramatically reduced part count and expense. Ideal for both new systems and retrofits, the Dual Maximizer provides data acquisition, communication, and module-level power point control to the Tigo Energy® Management Unit (MMU).

Tigo’s monitoring gives you a module-level view of your solar system, with apps for smart phones available as well. You can see what each module is doing at any time, anywhere!

Please keep in mind that you still need a regular inverter when using Tigo optimizers. Some inverters, Fronius in particular, can be integrated with Tigo’s monitoring. Let Solacity help you put a Tigo system together!

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