Magnum Energy

Magnum Energy (recently also going under the “Sensata” name) is one of the three big-name off-grid inverter brands that is the staple of off-grid power. This is a brand that gets used when reliable off-grid power is needed 365 days of the year, 24 hours per day. Extremely reliable, and versatile: If you live off-grid this is the brand you want to power your house!

This USA-based company does not simply rest on their brand name, Magnum Energy’s research and development team is constantly pushing the boundaries of inverter technology. With their AC diversion load they have also made advances with AC Coupling, which allows a solar grid-tie system to work with a backup battery system that can be charged even in grid blackouts; the perfect add-on for anyone who wants to include a battery backup package to their pre-existing grid-tie system.

Solacity has many years of experience with Magnum and can help you put the perfect system together for your off-grid project.