1-Panel Marine & RV Kit (350W)


1 Panel Marine & RV kit (350 Watt PV) – For 12 Volt battery bank

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350 Watt in solar PV, perfect to charge your marine or RV batteries! This kit is meant for charging a 12 Volt battery bank.

When mounted flat (RV roof for example), with good sun exposure and no shading, the expected energy production in southern Ontario would be approx. 0.9 kWh per average day from spring through fall.

Pallet & Repacking Fee

Please note that a $45 “Pallet and Repacking Fee” will be added for all partial pallets with solar panels (i.e. anything less than a full skid of panels). We will be happy to refund this fee if you bring the pallet back to us in good shape, so it can be re-used. This fee is needed to cover our cost of having custom oversized pallets made to ship solar panels on (and those pallets cost us well over $50 each!).

The kit includes:

1x Longi LR4-60HPB-350M, 350 Watt, 60-cell (120 split-cell) mono PV module, black-on-black
1x EPSolar – EPEver XTRA2210N-XDS2, 20 Amp MPPT charge controller, 12/24 Volt, 100 Volt DC input, with display
1x set of MC4 Extension wires for PV module, 15′ PV-Wire
1x ATO Fuse 30A, 30 Amp green, 32V DC, ATO/ATC fuse
1x Littelfuse inline fuse holder for ATO fuses, with protective cover
1x Solartech Universal “Z” bracket (set of 4) for mounting one solar panel

These are all the parts needed to make a simple solar power system. We supply high-quality parts that will last a long, long time. These may be small systems, but they are real off-grid systems meant for real use (in short, these are not toys). This kit is not code-compliant. We can also provide a code-compliant off-grid system, designed to your needs, though those are far more expensive.

With modest loads you will never have to worry about plugging in your boat or camper again! Out kits include the hardware to the batteries of your water vessel, allowing you to sail without limitations. These kits also work very well on RV’s and trailers!

We have the marine and RV kits with both 1 and 2 panels. The solar panels are the same as used for large grid-tie systems on rooftops; they are very durable (25-year warranty!) and they offer great value for money. The included MPPT controller makes the most of every light situation; even when it is overcast there is still lots of current coming into the batteries!

These kits are sized for the most common energy needs found on boats and camping trailers. We can also design a system specifically for your needs, just contact us!

Wiring Diagram

Wiring the kit is very straight-forward! The solar panel connects to the charge controller, and the charge controller connects to the batteries. Keep in mind that shade is poison to solar panels! It is important that the panel is located where it has good sun exposure, and little shading.

1-Panel Marine & RV Kit

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