4-Panel Cottage Kit (1400W)


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4 Panel Cottage Kit (1400 Watt PV) – 2000 Watt Inverter

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1,400 Watt in solar PV, 2kW pure sine-wave inverter.
Produces 3.7 kWh/day in summer, 1.9 kWh/day in winter.

Pallet & Repacking Fee

Please note that a $45 “Pallet and Repacking Fee” will be added for all partial pallets with solar panels (i.e. anything less than a full skid of panels). We will be happy to refund this fee if you bring the pallet back to us in good shape, so it can be re-used. This fee is needed to cover our cost of having custom oversized pallets made to ship solar panels on (and those pallets cost us well over $50 each!).

The kit includes:

4x Rolls-Surrette S6 L16-HC, 6V deep-cycle flooded lead-acid, 445Ah/20h capacity, group L16, 3 years warranty
3x Battery interconnect 1/0 AWG, 10″
1x Blue Sea 5191, MRBF fuse holder for battery terminal mounting, 58V DC, 30 – 300 Amp
1x Blue Sea 5187, 200 Amp MRBF fuse, 58V DC
4x Longi LR4-60HPB-350M, 350 Watt, 60-cell (120 split-cell) mono PV module, black-on-black
1x Multi-Contact 32.0019 PV-AZS4, MC4 Y-connector, (2) male / (1) female, 1000V, 30A
1x Multi-Contact 32.0018 PV-AZB4, MC4 Y-connector, (1) male / (2) female, 1000V, 30A
1x set of MC4 Extension wires for PV module, 15′ PV-Wire
1x EPSolar – EPEver XTRA4415N-XDS2, 40 Amp MPPT charge controller, 12/24/48 Volt, 150 Volt DC input, with display
1x Samlex PST-2000-24, 24 VDC, 2000W pure sinewave inverter, 120 VAC 60HZ, cETL
1x Inverter cables 1/0 AWG, 7 ft (pair), flexible wire, red/black with 3/8″ lugs
1x HydroVolt battery hydrometer, Compaselect – the last hydrometer you will ever buy!
1x MidNite Solar MNBCM, battery capacity meter for 12, 24, 36, and 48 volt

All the parts needed to make a simple, yet robust off-grid power system. We supply high-quality parts that should last a long, long time. These may be small systems, but they are real off-grid systems meant for real use (in short, these are not toys). This cottage kit is not code-compliant. We can also provide a code-compliant off-grid system, designed to your needs, though those are far more expensive.

Our kits include pure-sine inverters. These produce a clean sine wave that runs all AC equipment (unlike the much-cheaper modified sine wave inverters). The inverters can provide twice as much power for a short duration, so starting motors (i.e. well pump) and compressors (i.e. fridge) is no problem.

We sell the cottage kits with 1 through 4 panels. The solar panels are the same as used for large grid-tie systems on rooftops; they are very durable (25-year warranty!) and they offer great value for money. The included MPPT controller makes the most of every light situation; even when it is overcast there is usually still lots of Amps coming into the batteries!

Wiring Diagram

Please see the PDF for the wiring diagram for these kits. The large fuse is directly bolted to the positive side of the battery bank, and it is there as a measure-of-last-resort, to prevent the wiring from melting in case of a short circuit. All the other wires (charge controller, inverter, etc.) connect to the other side of that fuse, so those wires are protected to some extend in case of a short.

4-Panel Cottage Kit

System Sizing

What size system you need will depend on your expected daily energy use, and if this also needs to provide energy in winter. To find out how much energy you need, multiply each load in the cottage by the time it is expected to be used on an average day: A 15 Watt light bulb that is switched on for 3 hours uses 3 x 15 = 45 Watt-hours of energy (that’s 0.045 kWh, a kilo-Watt-hour is simply 1000 Watt-hours). Add up all your expected energy use, and then look at our sizing table. We can help you with this.

In our southern Ontario climate the sun produces just about 2.7 kWh per average day for every 1000 Watt of solar panels, from late spring through early fall (that is just about 4 panels). In winter this will produce just about half, or 1.35 kWh per average day. This is for panels that are mounted facing south, at a 45-degree pitch angle. That angle is great if you are going to use one angle for summer and winter, if you want to optimize for one or the other, 30-degrees is optimal for summer, and 60-degrees is great for winter. The latter sheds show very well (panels produce zero, even with a dusting of snow on them, so it is essential to keep them snow-free in winter).

Daily Energy Use (per average day) Panels
Summer Winter
0.9 kWh 0.5 kWh 1
1.9 kWh 0.9 kWh 2
2.8 kWh 1.4 kWh 3
3.7 kWh 1.9 kWh 4

The inverter size is determined by all the equipment that you expect to have switched on at the same time (plus anything that switches on at unpredictable times, such as a fridge).

The cottage kits are sized for the most common energy needs found at small cottages. We can also design a system specifically for your off-grid home or cottage, just contact us.

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Solar power

Controller type

Max. current

Battery Voltage

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Output power

AC Voltage

1 review for 4-Panel Cottage Kit (1400W)

  1. GreatNorthZ

    Purchased this kit a couple months ago. Very happy with the whole experience of solacity. The staff is very knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions or concerns. The products in this kit are all of good quality and contains everything needed. We purchased our kit to basically do 2 things at our cottage.
    1 run a full size 16 cu/ft energy star fridge 350 kwh/yr rated.
    2. Lighting about 6 LED bulbs to light the cottage and one deck.
    The system handles this flawlessly. The cottage is generally used for 2 or 3 days at a time. With the 4 panels it keeps the battery bank charged well. I will say our roof top instalation is as ideal as it gets for a fixed panel set up.
    Instalation was easy and straight forward. The panel tracking and attaching the panels was much easier than expected.
    Our cottage was previously propane for fridge and lighting. Our propane fridge quit working and the price of a new propane fridge was not that far off of what this whole solar kit cost to buy.
    Wish we made the move to solar years ago. Would recomended this kit to anyone. Not one complaint with the product or service 100% satisfied.

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