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6kW Grid-Tie Kit (String Inverter)


6 kW Grid-Tie kit (7,110 Watt in solar PV), with a Fronius 6 kW string inverter, for Net-Metering

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7,110 Watt in solar PV, 6,000 Watt grid-tie string inverter.
Can produce up to 8,100 kWh/year (for a good south-facing roof in southern/eastern Ontario). This kit can be used for a Net-Metering system or for an Ontario MicroFIT contract. All the parts are code-compliant for a system that when installed correctly will pass electrical inspection.

Pallet & Repacking Fee

Please note that a $45 “Pallet and Repacking Fee” will be added for all partial pallets with solar panels (i.e. anything less than a full skid of panels). We will be happy to refund this fee if you bring the pallet back to us in good shape, so it can be re-used. This fee is needed to cover our cost of having custom oversized pallets made to ship solar panels on (and those pallets cost us well over $50 each!).

This kit contains the following components:

18x Hanwha Solar Q.PEAK DUO BLK ML-G10+ 395 Watt, 66-cell (132 split-cell) mono PV module, black-on-black
1x Fronius Primo 6.0-1 Advanced, 6.0 kW PV 208-240V, dual-MPPT, with AFCI & WLAN Web monitoring, 4,210,062,800
1x Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box Quattro, 4 strings in 2 strings out, 4,240,154
12x Kinetic Solar Rapid One Rail 10’8″, KRAPID1-128-M (each, holds exactly 3 panels in portrait)
8x Kinetic rail splice/joiner with integrated bonding washers, KJS2-MA (each)
34x Kinetic 3″ “L” Bracket Kit, with K-Nut, S.S. Bolt, washer and lock washer, KLB3-M (each)
34x Kinetic Flashing Kit with 3″ Lag bolts, KFLK-3 (each)
4x Proflex tri-polymer roof sealant, good for 50 years under UV-exposure
8x Kinetic Black End Caps for Rapid One Rail, KRCP-B (each)
32x Kinetic Mid Clamp – 30 – 46mm BLACK – with K-Nut, bolt, and integrated WEEB, KMWC3046-BM (each)
8x Kinetic End Clamp – 32mm BLACK – with K-Nut, S.S. Bolt, Washers and Lock Washers, KEC32-B (each)
2x Kinetic WEEB Bonding clip for Kinetic Rails and Joiner, KSR-WEEB (each)
2x Kinetic Ground Lug Mount (K-Nut) with Ground Lug, KHGLUG-M (each)
2x Kinetic micro-inverter mounting kit, side-of-rail mounted, KHMNS-MA (each)
1x Kinetic Squirrel Guard Black Coated Wire Mesh 8″ Wide, KHSG-M (100 ft roll)
1x Kinetic Stainless Steel “J” Hook for Squirrel Guard, KHSG-J (100 pack, 1 per foot needed)
1x HellermannTyton PA66UV 12″ cable tie for solar PV, pack of 100, UV resistant for outdoor use, T50I0UVC2
1x MC4 extension wire, 40 feet black, MC4 connector both ends
1x MC4 extension wire, 30 feet black, MC4 connector both ends
1x MC4 extension wire, 6 feet black, MC4 connector both ends

This kit contains racking for a layout of 2 rows of 9 panels in portrait orientation for a shingle roof. We can tailor the kit to exactly fit your needs for your roof, or ground mount: We can design it with more solar modules, or less, and change the roof layout to fit your roof, or change parts to fit a steel roof. Just contact us and let us know how we can help!

This 6kW Grid-Tie Kit includes the major components needed to install a 7.1 kW grid-tie solar array on your roof. With electricity prices increasing, there is no better way to reduce your costs while reducing your carbon footprint than with solar PV!

This system is perfect for Net-Metering! The average Canadian household consumes 12,000 kWh of electricity per year, and many use far less. This 6 kW grid-tie system can offset a large part of your electrical consumption, greatly reducing your electrical bill! For more information check out our Net-Metering article.

This package includes a Fronius Primo Advanced 6 kW string inverter. String inverters are currently the most cost-effective inverters on the market, and Fronius is a top-of-the-line brand known for unparalleled reliability. For rooftops where the panels face all in the same direction, or at most two different directions, the Fronius string inverter is the best option for you. This dual-MPPT input inverter has (free) monitoring build-in, over the Web via Wifi or a wired Internet connections. Fronius inverter is fit to be mounted outdoors as well as indoors.

The racking included in this kit is designed for 2 rows of 9 panels in portrait mounted on a shingle roof. We can customize the racking in this system to fit your roof: If you have roughly 400 square feet of shade free roof facing between East and West, we can design a 6 kW solar system for your roof!

Black-On-Black modules: The Black-On-Black Hanwha 395 Watt panels make for a great-looking system! These panels look very uniformly dark, nearly black, making for a very pleasing look on any roof! We even included black clamps and black end-plates to create a very “uniform looking” and aesthetically pleasing finish. The solar panels do not just look good, they also perform great and last a very long time (25-year warranty)!

Do it Yourself! We can design your system and provide advice through the installation process. If you posses good DIY skills and are not afraid of working on a roof then a Do-It-Yourself grid tied solar installation could very well be in the cards for you: This can save quite a bit of money and make payback and Return-On-Investment significantly better! We have years of experience designing and installing system. We can even help with the application process! If you have questions give us a call or email and we’d be happy to help!


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