6 AWG Copper Wire RW90


Copper wire 6 AWG RW90, 600V 75A, stranded, black or green (ground wire), for wet/dry locations (sold per foot)

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CSA listed RW90 type stranded copper wire. This wire is 6 AWG, good for 75 Amp when used in conduit with less than 3 conductors. This wire is rated for use in dry or wet locations, raceways, or conduit. It can be used outside exposed to the weather as well, though the insulation is not 100% UV-proof and installation in conduit is recommended.

CEC electrical code requires a continuous length of bare or green 6 AWG RW90 for grounding a solar array (rooftop or ground mounted). The wire is then bonded to the house-ground. RW90 is acceptible by code for grounding, even when exposed to the elements, no conduit is required.

Sold by the foot! Just tell us what length you need. Available in black and green.

Please consult the Canadian Electrical Code for allowable use.


  • RW90 (XHHW) with XLPE insulation
  • Good for 75 Amp
  • Rated for wet/dry/raceway/conduit
  • Rated for underground use, in conduit, as well
  • Stranded copper wire
  • 600 Volt AC or DC rated
  • Maximum allowable conductor temperature is +90C
  • Rated down to at least -40C
  • CSA listed for code-compliant use
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