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Conext XW+ Mini PDP


Conext / Schneider XW+ Mini PDP, power distribution panel allowing integration of a single inverter, 865-1013-01

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The Conext XW+ Mini Power Distribution Panel is factory-wired and labeled to support the integration of a single Conext XW+ inverter/charger and Conext MPPT solar charge controllers with a single battery bank. The XW+ Mini PDP includes breakers, bus bars and cables for the installation of a single XW+ inverter/charger. With space to add wiring and breakers, a single XW+ Mini PDP supports one XW+ inverter/charger, a generator, and either a MPPT 80 600V or MPPT 60 150V  charge controller. The XW+ Mini PDP supports single-phase, split phase or three-phase installations. A field-reversible door and multiple conduit knockout entry points allow for the enclosure to be mounted and configured on either side of the inverter/charger.

Conext XW+ Mini Power Distribution Panels are designed to save significant time and money during a code-compliant installation, when compared to custom solutions.



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