Energizer Arc Solar 120


Energizer Arc Solar 120, foldable solar panel, 120 Watt, 18V 6.6A (for 12V battery charging), USB charge ports, MC4 & Jack connectors, 2 years warranty

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The Arc Solar 120 is a foldable solar panel, that can be folded to make for ultimate portability! It can be set up in seconds. Great for RV and camping, where power is needed to charge cell phones, laptops, cameras, drones, or an all-in-one power station such as the Arc3 and Arc5. With a maximum output of 120 Watt in full sun it has all you need to keep small appliances going.

The unit has three build-in USB (fast) charging ports, plus a set of MC4 connectors and the female side of jack-connectors of various diameters. The panel itself is water & weather-proof but the junction box on the backside is not, it should be kept out of the rain.

Since this is a regular 36-cell solar panel, it can also be used to charge any 12 Volt battery bank, including lithium-ion batteries, with either an MPPT- or PWM-type charge controller. The MC4 connectors make it easy to run extension wires (if needed).

Need more power? Combine two of the Arc Solar 120 panels with a male and a female Y-connector!


  • Weather-proof
  • Ultra-portable!
  • USB fast-charge ports
  • Easy to carry, seconds to set up
  • 120 Watt output power in full sun!
  • Can charge any 12V battery bank
  • 2-year warranty
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